CULTIVATE is a 501C3 within Vertical Harvest that is dedicated to supporting Training, Education and Development Programs that contribute to the robust community impact that Vertical Harvest of Jackson Hole has developed. As these programs gains traction, CULTIVATE will nurture the sustainable growth of community based vertical farming models through the sharing of these programs. We will develop a replicable template for urban farms that have the ability to contribute to healthy, sustainable and connected communities by growing local produce and employing underserved populations.

This will be accomplished through the development of the following programs:

Training & Employment Program:

CULTIVATE is developing a model for the training and employment of people with physical and intellectual disabilities within a greenhouse environment that identifies the needs and potentials of the employees as well as that of the greenhouse employer.

This program is based on the tenets of Customized Employment that are designed to personalize the employment relationship between employee and an employer in a way that meets the needs of both. It is based on identifying the strengths, conditions, and interests of a job candidate or employee through a process of discovery. This program realizes the unique talents of people with intellectual and physical disabilities to affect the workplace and tangible contributions to the workplace.

This program has two parallel strands of work:

• Job descriptions intended to facilitate economic empowerment of employees by developing the market for greenhouse-based training services; and other activities designed to enable learning.

• The transfer of new knowledge and the influencing of policy, attitudes and practices. This program will work to increase awareness for business leaders of the value of hiring people with disabilities and start to create a program that can be shared with any enterprise.

Educational Curriculum:

CULTIVATE is developing  a comprehensive curriculum that works with a range of age and comprehension levels to further awareness of the benefits of urban agriculture.

• Basic Curriculum where children can explore interaction with plant life. Beginning students can be taught basic scientific concepts of plant physiology and hydroponic growing while appreciating the importance of and commitment necessary to grow food for community.

• Intermediate Curriculum would involve a more enhanced understanding of hydroponic system while incorporating ideas that cover social and environmental impacts.

• Advanced Curriculum will cover a range of topics from biology and sustainable design , to community advocacy and even entrepreneurship. Working with Vertical Harvest of Jackson Hole, students also gain professional benefits by leading tours of vertical farms, networking with visitors, and taking internship positions.


CULTIVATE will create focus on assembling and sharing the knowledge developed in one of the first vertical greenhouses in the world, Vertical Harvest of Jackson Hole with other like minded projects and initiatives. It will do so through the development of the following programs:

• Docent program

• Internship Program

• Volunteer Program

• Wellness Program

• Development of Consultancy Program

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