Innovative Employment

“I love working at Vertical Harvest because now I have a green thumb.”

“I used to wash dishes at my old job, now I am doing it all. I can grow, harvest and I’m even driving the delivery truck. It is awesome!”

“I feel like I fit in here.”

Vertical Harvest provides meaningful employment in an fully integrated work place for over 15 local Wyoming residents with intellectual and physical disabilities. This program is based on the tenets of Customized Employment and is designed to personalize the employment relationship between employee and an employer in a way that meets the needs of both. It is based on identifying the strengths, conditions, and interests of a job candidate or employee through a process of discovery. This program realizes the unique talents of people with intellectual and physical disabilities to affect the workplace.

Vertical Harvest is a full operating greenhouse that provides produce to our community 365 days a year. The jobs at Vertical Harvest vary among the greenhouse and retail spectrum, providing plentiful opportunities for employees to gain transferable skills that will be marketable for future professional endeavors. We are located in downtown Jackson Hole, ensuring accessibility for all employees through walking, driving or use of our public transportation system. The work environment at Vertical Harvest is innovative. We customize our employment to accentuate each employee’s abilities and strengths with a mindfulness of their needs for a positive working experience. Our diverse setting fosters natural support and friendships among disabled and non-disabled employees, breaking down barriers and stigmas that many people with disabilities encounter.

Vertical Harvest Employees

Vertical Harvest provides 160 hours of employment opportunities per week via our customized employment program. These hours will be filled according to ability and availability, working from 4 to 40 hours per week. The employees partake in highly structured training programs that will teach them the process of hydroponic farming, including skills such as planting, harvesting, crop management and customer service, which will equip them with transferable works skills that they can use in their futures.

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